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    In the last decade, a technique for understanding real-world issues facing car and truck drivers has become a common and valuable research tool. This method, known as naturalistic research, has only become possible for motorcycle research in the last few years.

    Participants in this research ride for approximately a year, doing whatever it is they normally do, with sensors and cameras on their motorcycle. Participants are paid. Identifying information is separated from data.

    The data, which capture actions of the rider and surrounding traffic, will support riding and driving related research for years to come.

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    Study Location

    NPA San Diego
    12400 Stowe Drive
    Poway, California 92064
    Phone: 1-888-292-5339
    Fax: 858-513-1599

    Directions from the San Diego International Airport:
    Exit Airport onto Harbor Drive
    Follow signage to Hwy 5
    Take Hwy 5 South
    Exit Hwy 163 North
    Hwy 163 North will turn into Hwy 15 North
    Stay on Hwy 15 North
    Exit Scripps Poway Parkway
    Turn Right onto Scripps Poway Parkway
    Turn Left onto Kirkham Road
    Turn Left onto Stowe Drive
    NPA is the first building on the right

    Directions on I-15 South:
    Take exit 22 for Camino del Norte
    Turn Left on Camino Del Norte
    Turn Right on Pomerado Road
    Turn Left onto Stowe Drive
    Destination will be on the left