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In the last decade, a technique for understanding real-world issues facing car and truck drivers has become a common and valuable research tool. This method, known as naturalistic research, has only become possible for motorcycle research in the last few years.

Participants in this research ride for approximately a year, doing whatever it is they normally do, with sensors and cameras on their motorcycle. Participants are paid. Identifying information is separated from data.

The data, which capture actions of the rider and surrounding traffic, will support riding and driving related research for years to come.

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How much of my time will it take?

Participants will ride as they normally would for a year. To accomplish this, the following three portions of time are required where we’ll need to work closely with you.
  1. Intake questionnaires and system install - Related to installing the bike, you will need to go through the screening, and if we can include you, bring the bike in and fill out questionnaires. This process will take about three to six hours of your time depending mostly on travel time. The time we need to install the system will vary. For many bikes, we will need to keep the bike for a few days. This is because we may need order special parts or customize our brackets to fit your bike. We will provide transportation to your home or work when you drop your bike off and we will pick you up when your bike is ready. Some bikes may take less than a day. If this is the case for yours and you are able to stay onsite, you could take your bike home the same day. We will work with you during the bike review process to plan what will work for you.
  2. Exit questionnaires/remove system - At the end of the study you will come in and fill out exit questionnaires and we will remove the system. The amount of time we need to remove the system will be much shorter and more predictable. We expect removal of systems to take less than five hours. You may wait onsite during this time or we can transport you where you need to go.
  3. Brief visits to your motorcycle –We may briefly visit your bike two or three times during the year. These visits will take one hour or less and will be done at a location that is convenient for you.
  4. If you are involved in a crash, there is a form that takes approximately twenty minutes.