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    In the last decade, a technique for understanding real-world issues facing car and truck drivers has become a common and valuable research tool. This method, known as naturalistic research, has only become possible for motorcycle research in the last few years.

    Participants in this research ride for approximately a year, doing whatever it is they normally do, with sensors and cameras on their motorcycle. Participants are paid. Identifying information is separated from data.

    The data, which capture actions of the rider and surrounding traffic, will support riding and driving related research for years to come.

    This study is now complete. If you are interested in participating in other motorcycle-related research, please call 540-231-1583 or visit the VTTI website.

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    NHTSA Study Overview

    This project is designed to reveal methods for reducing motorcyclist fatalities and injuries, through the collection and analysis of real-world riding. These analyses will be used to develop guidance on topics including: conditions that are present when riders have trouble, actions of other vehicles, evasive maneuvers that are possible, safe rider behaviors, unsafe rider behaviors, the sequence of events that end in a crash or near-crash, and potential countermeasures.

    The Who, What, Where, etc. for this study is below. Links to the right provide more detail.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk to a real person!


    Riders of all experience levels no matter how frequently you ride.


    Southern California


    Ride as you normally ride.


    You will be contributing to important research. It also pays either $300 or $500, depending on the system you ride with (see "What will my bike look like?" link to the right), and you will have a one in forty chance of being paid an additional $1000.




    Contact us at: 1-540-231-1583 or motorcycle@vtti.vt.edu. Please include a call-back number.