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In the last decade, a technique for understanding real-world issues facing car and truck drivers has become a common and valuable research tool. This method, known as naturalistic research, has only become possible for motorcycle research in the last few years.

Participants in this research ride for approximately a year, doing whatever it is they normally do, with sensors and cameras on their motorcycle. Participants are paid. Identifying information is separated from data.

The data, which capture actions of the rider and surrounding traffic, will support riding and driving related research for years to come.

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What will my bike look like?

There will be two different types of systems included in this study. Participants who ride with the full system will be paid $500. Participants who ride with the partial system will be paid $300. The exact mounting of the system will depend on what type of bike you have. Examples of what the system will look like on your bike are included here.

Full System

The following images show components of the Full System. Mounting approaches for each bike will be different, but the photos provide the general idea of what the mounting and bracketry will look like.

Partial System

This image shows the Partial System mounted on a cruiser style motorcycle. The Partial System is a single unit that is mounted on or near the handlebars, or at the base of the windshield.