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  3. Risks and Benefits


    • The risk to you is similar to that which you would normally experience while riding.
    • Except for your two visits to the data collection location at the beginning and end of the study, you are not being asked to alter your daily driving routines in any way.
    • The motorcycle is equipped with cameras.
    • If you drive into an area where cameras are not allowed, including international border crossings, certain military and intelligence locations, and certain manufacturing facilities, there is a risk that you may be detained or arrested or that your motorcycle may be impounded.
    • We have provided a card you can carry with you that can be used to demonstrate your motorcycle’s role in the study while still maintaining your confidentiality.
    • The total size and weight of the installed system is similar to a laptop computer in a case.
    • If your role in the study is made known, then we may not be able to protect your identifying information.
      • To help us protect your privacy, we have obtained a Certificate of Confidentiality from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health. The protections provided by this certificate are fully described on the Informed Consent page.
      • However, you should also take responsibility for protecting the fact of your participation in this study. You should not post this information on public websites or tell people about your participation.
    • The risk of completing the assessment portion while equipment is installed on your motorcycle is no more than when you are doing activities in your daily life like filling in forms and working at a computer.


    • You may find the experience interesting.
    • Participation will help to improve the body of knowledge regarding riding behavior and safety.
    • Participation may also help us design safer motorcycles and roadways in future years.
    • While compensation is not considered a benefit per se, information about compensation may be found on the Compensation page.