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  3. What’s Required

    If selected, you are being asked to participate in a naturalistic riding study. The study involves a 12 month data collection effort in which a data acquisition system containing sensors and cameras will be installed on your motorcycle to record a variety of driving measures. A link to the individual site consent forms, which may vary slightly from state to state, can be found on the Informed Consent page. To summarize, you will be asked to complete the following activities:

    • Bring your motorcycle to the research facility for approximately 8 hours to have the data acquisition system installed. A member of the research team will drive you to either your home, or place of work (within one hour drive from the research facility) and will return you back to the facility when your motorcycle is ready.
    • While the system is being installed on your bike, you will complete paperwork and testing at research facility, which should take about 2 – 3 hours.
    • After this, you will then be free to ride the bike as you normally would. After you return home, you will be asked to complete any questionnaires you did not have time to complete while your motorcycle was being instrumented.
    • We will collect the riding data periodically, typically once every 3 to 6 months. We will also collect data from the motorcycle after a crash, either at a place of your choosing or where the vehicle was towed.
    • Because the DAS includes cameras, you should avoid riding your motorcycle into any areas where cameras are restricted, including international border crossings and military bases.
    • Once your participation is concluded, you will be asked to return to the research facility to have the DAS removed from your motorcycle. While we remove the system from your motorcycle, we will ask you to fill out some final questionnaires.