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  3. Compensation

    Total payment for participation in this research will be a maximum of $300 per year of participation, paid in several installments per year. You may be required to provide a valid social security number in order to receive your payments. Payments will be scheduled as follows:

    1. After the system is installed on your motorcycle and you have completed all paperwork, including several questionnaires, you will receive $100.
    2. A second payment of $100 will be delivered after the 6th month of participation.
    3. During the 12th month, after you return to have the system removed from your motorcycle and complete a few final questionnaires, you will receive a final payment of $100. The maximum overall payment for those who complete all requirements will thus be $300 for the year of participation.

    If you leave the study early for any reason, compensation will be paid at a prorated rate of $25 per month for your uncompensated participation up to the point of exit.
    For more specific information about the compensation methods for the site in which you are participating, please refer to the Informed Consent for the appropriate site location.