Motorcycle Research Group at VTTI

About the Motorcycle Research Group

In 2007, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) founded the Motorcycle Research Group with the objective of applying VTTI’s multidisciplinary research capabilities to real-world motorcycle riding. The group was born out of a history in transportation research, concern about the increasing numbers of motorcyclist fatalities and injuries, and the excitement of a surprisingly large number of VTTI engineers, staff, researchers and family who are riders. The Motorcycle Research Group focuses on the rider and his or her machine while considering other factors in the surrounding system. We do research for both public and private clients. With the help of study participants and customers, we’ve collected hundreds of thousands of real-world miles in approximately half the states in the U.S.


Founded in 1988, VTTI has become a leader in transportation safety research. With close ties to industry leaders and a dedicated staff of over 500 employees, VTTI seeks to address and elevate the growing advances in vehicle technology to enhance the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Virginia Smart Roads

The Virginia Smart Roads are a unique, state-of-the-art, full-scale, closed test-bed research facility managed by VTTI and owned and maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation. The Smart Roads are outfitted with various research amenities including weather and light controls, a signalized intersection, in-pavement sensors, and more to cater to any and all research studies for the betterment of roadway safety.

To help ensure that two-wheelers remain a regular part of the traffic mix, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute will share valuable data from motorcyclist behavior studies with autonomous vehicle developers.
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